Lustful Vehicles


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Low mileage Diablo I think. Not one, but two half-naked schoolgirls in the co-pilot seat. Sucks to be him, I guess.

Porsche 928

The Landshark. V8 rear wheel drive. Still lustful after all these years.

Ford F250

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Retired NSW ambulance. 5.7l V8, I swear when you tromped the accelerator you could see the fuel gauge move. Rear interior set up as a… Read More »Ford F250

Escort Panel Van

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About 1750cc worth of naturally aspirated excitement. During ownership, I replaced every single part of the drive train – including a hand-build of the motor… Read More »Escort Panel Van

EK Holden

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Image courtesy PearlCraft You never forget your first. Or its stupid, permanently-dripping-expensive-fluids automatic transmission.