[Medium read, 700 words] This a Daruma Doll. I know a lot more about the Daruma Doll than I did back then, thank you Wikipedia. In a nutshell: Japanese. It is seen “as a symbol of perseverance and good luck”, and a talisman that “is rich in symbolism”. It also invokes the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, which I Read more about Supercar[…]

Supporting the narrative – “Why I stopped using multiple monitors”

LOL I don’t write much these days heh. Anyway. Many developers believe multiple monitors improve productivity. Studies have proven it, right? Well, keep in mind, many of those studies are commissioned from monitor manufacturers like Dell and NEC. ???? Despite the fact that multiple monitors make you look like a serious computing badass, I Read more about Supporting the narrative – “Why I stopped using multiple monitors”[…]

The Continuous Client

I have a dream. Not really a dream, I see it happening. When I walk into a room, the lights turn on. (Probably my phone talking to the lightbulbs – The music I’m listening to follows me into the car. My browser pages on the phone are there when I open my other browsers. Read more about The Continuous Client[…]

The Inaugural Tim Bates Award (2008)

In the presence of the rest of Tim’s family, Anne Bates and Rebecca Infanti took the stage to discuss this prestigious award and make its inaugural presentation. The award recognises the passion, ability, input, excellence and contribution of an outstanding APF member. Tim Bates was described by many as a role model, and the award Read more about The Inaugural Tim Bates Award (2008)[…]

Once Again, Machine Beats Human Champion at Chess

Today’s outcome may end the interest in future chess matches between human champions and computers, according to Monty Newborn, a professor of computer science at McGill University in Montreal. Professor Newborn, who helped organize the match between Mr. Kasparov and Deep Blue, said of future matches: “I don’t know what one could get out of Read more about Once Again, Machine Beats Human Champion at Chess[…]

Skydiving and Digital Photography

Many folks have been keeping their eyes on digital photography with a view to skydiving for some time. Historically, Digital Cameras have suffered from four problems – the relatively low resolution available, an inability to fire the shutter remotely, latency in processing the image and getting it to a memory card – and, of course, Read more about Skydiving and Digital Photography[…]

Who wants to be a millionaire?

I do. I’ve always believed that freefallers and canopy pilots should be afforded the same treatment as rock stars and Formula One drivers. 100 extremely fortunate people had the opportunity to live like one, for one precious week, in Bali, August 2004 – as with a frenzy of last-minute activity, jumpers from 17 countries converged Read more about Who wants to be a millionaire?[…]

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