Supporting the narrative – “Why I stopped using multiple monitors”

LOL I don’t write much these days heh. Anyway. Many developers believe multiple monitors improve productivity. Studies have proven it, right? Well, keep in mind, many of those studies are commissioned from monitor manufacturers like Dell and NEC. ???? Despite the fact that multiple monitors make you look like a serious computing badass, I[…]

Hong Kong on 70mb per day

I recently travelled to Hong Kong for ten days. This has traditionally meant a reliance on hotel WiFi for communications; on a local SIM for voice calls, with usurious call rates to and from home. Using Australian data overseas is a fast path to financial ruin. The world has changed. I arranged a Telstra “International[…]

Aussie National Record 2012

It’s like awakening from a dream… So many friends. So much beer. And before that, such an obscene quality of skydiving. Wake before sunrise, life giving coffee and American-influenced breakfast. Ignore the 600 channels of TV (and nothing on) and migrate to the Dropzone. A precious narrow strip of lawn is being watered, but the[…]