Supporting the narrative – “Why I stopped using multiple monitors”

LOL I don’t write much these days heh. Anyway. Many developers believe multiple monitors improve productivity. Studies have proven it, right? Well, keep in mind, many of those studies are commissioned from monitor manufacturers like Dell and NEC. ???? Despite the fact that multiple monitors make you look like a serious computing badass, I[…]

Hong Kong on 70mb per day

I recently travelled to Hong Kong for ten days. This has traditionally meant a reliance on hotel WiFi for communications; on a local SIM for voice calls, with usurious call rates to and from home. Using Australian data overseas is a fast path to financial ruin. The world has changed. I arranged a Telstra “International[…]

The Continuous Client

I have a dream. Not really a dream, I see it happening. When I walk into a room, the lights turn on. (Probably my phone talking to the lightbulbs – The music I’m listening to follows me into the car. My browser pages on the phone are there when I open my other browsers.[…]

POPS Record 32 Way

POPS are the “Parachutists Over Phorty Society”, which tends to be well represented at dropzones and boogies wherever they go. Criteria for membership is to have done one skydive – a tandem counts as a skydive, as always – and be over forty years of age. Saturday, October 19 – at Toogoolawah, Queensland, for the[…]

On Clouds

If you’ve spent any time at all at my site, you’ll notice that clouds feature prominently. Even the strip on my home page showing Vern and Mik performing an AFF stage 5 has clouds everywhere. But jumping through clouds is not something that is endorsed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or the Australian[…]

The King of Computers

There’s been a frenzy of discussion following the defeat of World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov by a machine, namely a purpose-built IBM Chess computer named “Deep Blue”. Kasparov defeated an earlier incarnation of Deep Blue last year, but the programmers and strategists who provide the logic and the cunning for the project have been busy;[…]

Cold? Wet? Blown out?

Posted to rec.skydiving, 11 Feb 97 Well, all I’m getting from most of you in my mailbox – given the high content of USA based subscribers to r.s – is complaints about the weather. Snowing here, raining here, too cold to jump there. Well, in South Australia, Strathalbyn is the place to be: the door[…]