Without a doubt, the neatest concept since the internet met documents. A single folder, free for the first 2GB, to put your files online. Meshes with the file system on your computer transparently: share any file of any size. Automagically syncs that folder across your devices: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad. Share a file with a[…]

POPS Record 32 Way

POPS are the “Parachutists Over Phorty Society”, which tends to be well represented at dropzones and boogies wherever they go. Criteria for membership is to have done one skydive – a tandem counts as a skydive, as always – and be over forty years of age. Saturday, October 19 – at Toogoolawah, Queensland, for the[…]

On Clouds

If you’ve spent any time at all at my site, you’ll notice that clouds feature prominently. Even the strip on my home page showing Vern and Mik performing an AFF stage 5 has clouds everywhere. But jumping through clouds is not something that is endorsed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or the Australian[…]

Cold? Wet? Blown out?

Posted to rec.skydiving, 11 Feb 97 Well, all I’m getting from most of you in my mailbox – given the high content of USA based subscribers to r.s – is complaints about the weather. Snowing here, raining here, too cold to jump there. Well, in South Australia, Strathalbyn is the place to be: the door[…]

Night Jumps (indulgent)

I jump at a Dropzone about a three quarter hour drive from Adelaide in Strathalbyn, South Australia. It’s a farming locality, but becomingly increasingly famous for its wines, with the adjacent Langhornes Creek Wineries encroaching and maybe one day becoming a landing hazard. But it’s the nice thing about Adelaide: you can drive for forty[…]